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Survivor winner: ‘I was okay with people underestimating me’

By John Powell –

Survivor 43 winner Mike Gabler made Survivor history twice last night. At 52-years-old, Gabler become the second oldest person to ever win the game and is now the first Survivor to donate their entire winnings to charity.

Justine Brennan (Video)Morriah Young (Video)
Jesse Lopez (Video)Karla Cruz Godoy (Video)
Owen Knight (Video)Cassidy Clark (Video)
Mike Gabler (Video)Cody Assenmacher (Video)
Noelle Lambert (Video)Jeanine Zheng (Video)
Dwight Moore (Video)Elisabeth “Elie” Scott (Video)
Geo Bustamante (Video)Lindsay Carmine (Video)
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Jeff VarnerFinalists: Twist Was A Difference Maker
Winner Ben DriebergenWinner Chris Underwood
Winner Nick WilsonWinner Wendell Holland
Winner Sarah Lacina

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