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My story…

A veteran entertainment Canadian journalist and stay-at-home father, John Powell has been published and reported for Canada’s largest media organizations and publications including The Sun newspapers, The Toronto Star and Global Television.

He began his career as an editor and writer for the defunct Venue Magazine and a film critic for The Outreach Connection, a newspaper sold by the homeless.

John moved onto CANOE.ca where he worked for over 10 years as their Canadian-International News Editor covering the Iraq War, 911 and many Canadian elections.

He also co-founded the SLAM! Wrestling news site there as well as filled the role of an entertainment reporter and an editor of the video game, technology section.

He continues to contribute and act as the Editor-in-Chief for SLAM! Wrestling today and is now one of the owners.

Since that time he has worked for Cineplex as an entertainment editor, reporter and Rogers Publishing as an online editor for their Advisor.ca financial portal.

Bored into a coma with reporting on the world of finance, John has continued his reporting on the video game industry as the Managing Editor for both G4 TV Canada and Culture of Gaming.

He has also reported on the Survivor, Big Brother USA and Big Brother Canada reality shows for Global Television since 2007.

John is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief for Binge News, his Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video streaming news site.

John can be followed at @pow2112 on Twitter and be reached at 2112pow@gmail.com

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